Millennium Development Goal(MDG)in Education

NGO assistance in primary school completion in Addis Ababa

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The UN Millennium development declaration, which incorporated the goal of achieving universal access to primary education, is the current existing opportunity for children in developing countries. The Ethiopian government is committed to achieve universal access to primary education by 2015.As a result, the country has experienced dramatic increase in primary school enrollment since 1994.However, despite such tremendous achievement in enrollments, the study by the world Bank (2005) revealed that in the absence of concerted effort and additional interventions, attaining universal primary education by 2015 is beyond the reach of Ethiopia. Among other things, the bank suggested for additional interventions to be made in urban areas in relation to reducing pupil-teacher ratio, increasing the deployment of female teachers, improving the school infrastructural development and social protection programs. With this background and by taking into account the involvement of NGOs into economic and social life of the country since the 20th century, this study has assessed the assistance made by NGOs to primary school completion in Addis Ababa.


Meseret Tadesse Beshah,MA:Studied Regional and Local Development Studies at Addis Ababa University-Ethiopia;Post Graduate Diploma, Population and Development at Jawaharlal Nehru University,India.An Executive Director of Forum on Sustainable Child Empowerment(FSCE), an NGO striving for sustainable protection of vulnerable children in Ethiopia